I'm a data driven problem solver dedicated to advancing progress in climate and politics.

This is me

I'm here to solve problems. Whether it's mapping out a process for transferring your data from one CRM to the next, designing the best data visualization to communicate your business needs, or developing the strategy to take an organization from good to great - I have the tools to solve whatever challenge you throw my way.

Data analytics  Grant writing
Nonprofit leadership 

 Digital fundraising Visualization

Fundraising strategy   

 CRM Management Machine Learning

I advise nonprofits 
and companies on fundraising & data.

Here's some highlights from my work:


  • Led the evaluation of switching New Era’s CRM from EveryAction 7 to EveryAction 8, including a quantitative assessment of the impact on staff time and revenue of switching merchant gateways.

  • Analyzed years of data from New Era’s monthly member in Python program and leveraged insights to propose to the Executive Director strategies and tactics to reverse the rate of attrition and grow the program to twice it’s revenue within a year.

  • Cleaned and analyzed donor data in R from the past 10 years for Engineers for a Sustainable World to guide future fundraising practices, such as how to improve ESW’s monthly giving program and who represents our best donor profile.


  • Started Engineers for a Sustainable World's (ESW) first grant writing program and worked to develop a pipeline of writing several grants a month from a part time volunteer staff, building up to a monthly pipeline of $25,000 in outgoing grants.

  • Exceeded the fundraising goal for Colorado Gives Day, a massive peer to peer 24 hour fundraising campaign

  • Out-raised New Era Colorado's "high" fundraising goal by over $20,000 at our annual gala

Social Innovation  

  • Created and launched Build Day, a national program to build more sustainable communities by empowering neighborhoods to gather and complete one-day builds.  

  • Developed the Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge, a 9-month program that mentors and trains interdisciplinary teams of college students to design innovative solutions to build climate resiliency. 

  • Was one of 20 environmental leaders in the United States selected for the Byron Fellowship in 2019. 

Podcasts &

Media Features

Occasionally I get to nerd out about young people's place in the climate movement, how data can transform fundraising, and my personal journey in this movement. 


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